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I have been privileged to own a Lotus seat model ATS-909 for 4 years now. Personally, I was a little apprehensive about using a bidet at first. However, with time, I got accustomed to the use other Lotus seat with everyday use. After a while, I simply am uncomfortable if there is not a bidet available. Medically, the hygiene that is provided with this device is second to none. The seats advanced options of heated water, seat surface, dryer, and cabon filter are true luxuries. The enema function to the ATS-909 is not usually available on any other brand of bidet. I have used bidets made by other well known makers of toilet seat bidets and have not found an equal. The lotus seat is of high quality and is of good value. I highly recommend it to you.

Paul Pin-Hung Hsieh, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Chairman, Department of Medicine, Western Medical Center Santa Ana

It's an expensive toilet seat, but it's very well worth it. Everyone in our family loves it. We don't have to use the papers and baby wipes anymore. It's awesome! Before purchasing Lotus, I was debating myself if I should go with Toto. I finally decided Lotus because we heard about it more, especially on SBTN. I'm glad I made that choice. We will recommend it to all our relatives.

--- Bruce, FL

Finally, an idea for the 21st century—technology dramatically improving something we all do every day but don't like to discuss. We regard discarding bodily waste as an unpleasant, smelly, dirty process. Thanks to your Lotus Seat with PureStream, I discovered it doesn't have to be.

Over the years, I thought about buying a bidet because it's logical water would clean a lot better than paper. But we don't have the extra bathroom space a bidet requires so I was happy to discover the Lotus.

The concept of a water wash is out of the norm so it took a little getting used to. Fortunately, I've always prided myself in being a “leading edge” sort of guy. I've tried a lot of new things over the years buy never has such a simple thing had such a profound impact on my daily life.

One day we'll regard ordinary toilet seats the way we regard outhouses—as primitive! The Lotus way is so superior to using the leftover “20th century” toilet seats most of us have. Paper doesn't clean thoroughly and it certainly doesn't clean beyond my posterior's surface, the way your PureStream does. I get a cleaner, more sanitary wash. I like the air dry feature, too.

I leave the bathroom feeling more refreshed than ever before. There's no fuss. It doesn't take longer. Thank you for this breakthrough bathroom technology. I can almost promise anyone who tries it a better sense of health and well-being.

--- Terry Gorka, Managing Director, The Tiara Group, LLC

In 30 years of practicing medicine, I never found a product that I totally agree is “smart” until I found the Lotus Seat with PureStream. Thoroughly cleaning the anal and vaginal areas has never been so easy. It's great! I especially appreciate the PureStream. It's wonderful to be able to recommend something to relieve constipation other than drugs.

Patients agree controlling Lotus's water pressure and temperature is easy and the dryer helps relieve itching. As a female physician, I think women may appreciate the Lotus even more than men. It makes for exceptional hygiene, any time of the month.

--- Chung Hur, MD, Anaheim, CA
Diplomatic American Board of Internal Medicine
Gateway Regional Medical Center

I recommend the Lotus Hygiene Seat (LHS) to all patients but especially to my elderly ones for several reasons:

1. Because of arthritis, back problems or obesity, many elderly can't reach to clean well. Over time, they often develop infections, or pressure ulcers; especially if they use a wheelchair or are bed bound. The Lotus is a simple and effective solution.

2. The Enema Wash really does prevent constipation. Water reaching into the rectum to loosen hard stool is far preferable to the fecal disimpaction we sometimes provide in our offices. The Lotus is an amazingly simple, cost-effective solution.

3. The Lotus promotes circulation in the rectal area which is especially important for people with external hemorrhoids. When they're inflamed, the Lotus may supplement Sitz baths and even omit the need for them.

--- Alvin Chang MD, Tustin , CA

This is one of the best purchases I've made in my lifetime. Everything works just the way you describe. I bought my Lotus strictly because of serious constipation problems. Spending close to an hour on the “john” was the norm for me and I wasn't always successful. I can tell you, it really works! I touch a button and thirty seconds later I'm done.

When I get off my Lotus “throne,” I feel like a king—clean, healthy and refreshed. I can't say enough about the results I get.

--- Raymond Gasper, Laguna Woods, CA

As a researcher in cancer cell biology, I know that accumulated toxic waste sitting in the colon too long can't be good for the body. Scientific studies have shown that frequent constipation is a significant risk factor for colon cancer. Since colon cancer is one of the leading killers of American adults, we should do any and everything we can to assure a long lifetime of colo-rectal health.

The Lotus is a wonderful appliance and a great investment. Using it every day enhances our lives in the present and may protect our health in the future.

--- X. Tong, PA

The warmth of the seat felt very comfortable on a cold day! It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Way to go!" Inovative! It brings personal hygene to a newer level!

--- Audrey, CA

This seat provides that extra step in human cleanliness.

As a person with a disability, this is a wonderful tool in bringing independence for such a private matter. There's a seat waiting for you! It's the best! Everyone should own a Lotus! There are only good things to say about the Lotus bidet! It leaves you feeling very clean and fresh.

--- Jason, CA

My wife found a brochure about Lotus Hygiene Systems and checked out your website. She got excited about what she read and intuitively knew this was something we needed. Thankfully, she ordered it.

I have to admit, initially, I thought this was something just for her but two weeks after I installed our ATS-1000, I had carpel tunnel surgery and the Lotus became a necessity. I became a believer! Now I tell my buddies the Lotus Hygiene Seat isn't just for women. It's the real deal—an extremely high quality, high tech product that has substantially improved our daily lives

--- T. & J. Wells, CA

My wife couldn't believe I spent 600 dollars on a toilet seat. But we've been using our Lotus about three months now and we both would truly say we got more than our money's worth. In fact, neither of us can imagine life without it. It is definitely the best appliance we've ever purchased.

---R.F., Fullerton, CA

Even though constipation wasn't really a problem for me, I still benefit a lot from using the PureStream feature. It makes elimination easier and I felt cleaner afterwards. When you compare the soothing sensation of a gentle stream of water for cleaning to rough toilet paper, the Lotus wins hands down!

---Mrs. R.F., Fullerton, CA

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